The performance of chapters is assessed by assigning a status classification at the end of each academic year that goes from July 1st to June 30th. Chapters with the good standing status are eligible to compete for the Outstanding Performance and Outstanding Service Awards presented at the convention.
The good standing status entails:
  1.  Holding a fall initiation (August through December) and a spring initiation (January through June), and having photos of the signature pages sent on the day of the ceremony and checks mailed within 30 days from the day of the initiation ceremony.
  2.  Attending the national convention
  3.  Submitting the annual report by the June 30th deadline
  4.  Participating in the voting of relevant matters like outstanding awards, new chapter applications, constitutional amendments, etc.

An inactive chapter is a chapter that has not held any registered initiation during the academic year. A chapter that has not registered an initiation for two consecutive academic years is considered dormant and is required to pay an inactivity fee to be able to hold an initiation.
Please remember that if a chapter holds an initiation and does not register it with the national office, the initiated students are not considered Pi Tau Sigma members, and they should not indicate so in any form, as it might be viewed as plagiarism if a membership inquiry is made to the national office on their membership (government agencies tend to check that), as there would be no record.

Details of the status of chapters can be found in this LIST.

PTS Chapter STATUS.xlsx